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I have been teaching young children for over 8 years now and in that time I have noticed a distinct decline in movement skills and motivation in young people to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

I understand that many parents are time poor and with the advances in technology it is very easy to occupy and entertain children. I have a daughter myself and without Peppa Pig I think we would go insane.

However, there are numerous ways and many activities that can still be done to help improve children’s Fundamental Movement Skills and help encourage physical activity. I have read some other blogs including Dr Laura Markham’s which has some fantastic ideas and activities for young children.

Each week I will post some other activities and games that can be played with individuals or with groups of children. My first idea for parents can be used with one or many kids and can be adapted in numerous way.

Obstacle Course – I run this course with children aged 5-17 as you can target Fundamental Movement Skills in younger kids and for older kids you can target sport specific skills by adding a soccer ball or place the cones on the court to work on basketball skills. What I do know is that kids love obstacle courses or survivor challenges.

* Set up a rectangular area in your yard/park or lounge room if you dare.

* Add some cones (bags, chairs, anything) stagger them in diagonal lines

* Grab a chair or 4 for kids to crawl under

* Grab some hoops (bag, rock, younger sibling, anything) for them to take a leap over

* Put some bags or other obstacles close together for them to jump over quickly.

* If you feel daring have them perform some other skills like a side gallop, sprint, one foot hop.

* Set the course up as a challenge, time them and see if they can break the record (make a record up) then “hey kids, do you want to see if you can break the record”
I hope this helps and I will endeavour to post more ideas, you can contact me through my website at or my Facebook page we run School Holiday sports programs in the Wollongong area.
Daniel Morris

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