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Why are children not exercising?

Posted on 28 Feb 2014 in childhood obesity | 0 comments

I recently read a factsheet from the Sunrise website about why children do not exercise anymore. The article by Planet Ark, compared the amount of time parents spent outside playing when they were young, to children these days. The alarming fact was that only 13% of children said they played outside more than inside. Why is this?

Parents are time Poor – This may be the case, but wouldn’t putting children in structured team sports be more beneficial than sitting on the couch playing with an IPad or Xbox? Most team sports are supervised by club officials or perhaps a roster could be made with other parents.

It’s too dangerous outside – It’s dangerous inside as well, but by not exercising or encouraging exercise and activity children will get less and less motivated and also miss out on so many health and social benefits.

Kids are not motivated – This is the toughest one and as a teacher I understand how hard it can be to motivate some children, I can tell you however, the longer you leave it the harder it gets. I believe getting students into a routine of exercise, not only prepares them for a healthy life but also for the workforce when they are older.

I will post some activities and am happy to share some ideas with any parents, just message me on my website or stay tuned for future blogs.

Daniel Morris – Fun-Damentals – Sport and Movement Skills

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